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1) Your company logo (300 dpi JPG preferred, but can also accept EPS, PNG or TIFF). For best results, the preferred size/allotted page area is: 2.25" wide by 1.375" high.

2) If you purchased Residential Form 365A (Deluxe), please send your 1-page Terms & Conditions page in Word (or PDF if needed).

3) When you receive the form, in approximately 5 to 7 business days, please open, verify that your company name, address, etc. are correct. Then send approval and we'll complete the form so you can test it thoroughly.

Please note, when you approve the form, you are verifying that all punctuation, grammar, logo, company name, contact info, owner's name, etc., are correct. If errors must be corrected after the form is programmed, you will be responsible for any additional hourly charges. Also, if you need further form customization beyond the scope of this product as outlined, you will be charged a specific hourly rate.

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