What you'll need to get started

ALL PRICES are APPROXIMATE and subject to change
Devices (CHOOSE ONE)
- iPad (newer generations preferred; PDF expert app required)
- Android Tablet (ezPDF Reader or qPDF notes required)
- Windows desktop or laptop (with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed)
- Windows Pro Tablet (with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed)
- Mac desktop or laptop (with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed)
- iPhone 5, 6 or 6+ (iPad is recommended for best viewing; PDF expert app required)

Printer (CHOOSE ONE)
- Air Print or Direct Print capable printer. The HP ENVY 5055 works great!! (approx.


- Any Bluetooth printer should work, depending on your device. For example, an

  Android device (such as Samsung Galaxy Tablet) works with Bluetooth printers.

Software (CHOOSE ONE)
- PDF Expert app - (ITunes store $9.99)

- qPDF Notes Pro PDF Reader for Android, Google Play Store ($3.99)​

DC to AC power inverter to power the printer ($12.99)

The total cost to operate and use Form 365, for example, is relatively low. If you ALREADY own an iPhone of iPad, it will be approximately $550-600 total for the 2-page form and needed hardware and apps. If you need to purchase an iPhone, iPad or other device, then you can expect to add another $500-$600 in one-time costs. The Microsoft Surface Pro LTE is our preferred mobile platform. The cost is higher at $1300, but it’s well worth the price!!!

What's included in RESIDENTIAL Form 365?

  • Professional, customized form (logo, company information, website, etc.)     
  • User-friendly format!
  • Lifetime ownership; pay only for future changes or updated information!
  • Unlimited users within your company. Any estimator can open the file, save a copy and prepare an estimate! Only one purchase necessary!
  • 100% working guarantee. Form arrives ready to use!
  • Interior and exterior                            
  • Operational checklist. Easy to use!
  • Dropdown boxes with many options.
  • Easy to understand terminology!
  • 9 hidden calculators. Square-footage pricing, flat-rate pricing, discount box, LF, quantity pricing for specific items. For example: fence painting, cabinet painting, etc.
  • Special notes and instructions box for entering notes or customer-specific requests.
  • Form can be emailed on the spot with any Wi-Fi capable device.  

Here are the facts: This customer has called you! They most likely have some knowledge of your business! More than likely you have 1-2 other competitors bidding for the same job! Make your proposal stand out and increase your chances!  



Meet with customer → type notes into proposal as you speak with customer
→ hand the professionally typed and custom form, printed onsite, to customer
sell more jobs!!!


Don’t wait! Increase your sales

This is a professionally designed form capable of performing typical mathematical equations used in the painting industry. It is not estimating software! It does not tell you what to charge. You are the business owner and you know what to charge. What it does do? It SEPARATES you from your competition. It gives you the most professional proposals on the market. It simplifies your job and makes it easier to sell more jobs! With your pricing and our form you are ahead of the competition. Don’t wait; buy now!

  • No more taking notes, driving back to the office, doing the numbers, writing/typing/emailing or mailing the estimate, then waiting for a response. All that can take hours or days, and sometimes you never hear back!
  • Carbon forms can cost hundreds of $ per year!
  • Creating your own customized form can cost thousands!
  • Stay current and ahead of your competitors: While your competitors are out hand-writing estimates, you’ll be generating higher profits!
  • Form communicates a professional image. Your customers will be impressed!
  • Less clutter: store files on the cloud, hard drive or USB drive. No need for old printed copies!!

Time is money: Increase your sales with Form 365 – that’s what it’s all about!

SAVE $$$


Meet with your customer → Take notes → review proposal → Quote $ and tell customer you will send them a proposal → return to office → put together estimate – handwritten or typed → mail or email it → wait for customer to respond → never hear back from customer???

The NEW way will eliminate steps, save time and money – and INCREASE your sales.



and profits starting today!

Form 365!




Form 365!